Online Safety

We have a commitment and responsibility to safeguard children and staff and this includes their online activity.  Children’s use of computing at school is supervised and follows a structured teaching plan according to the national curriculum programmes of study , helping children to learn progressively about online safety issues during their time at school.  

Internet access at school, provided through the London Grid for Learning, is strictly filtered and monitored to ensure that children are as safe as possible when using computers at school.

We teach children to follow SMART rules to keep themselves safe online:

afe – keeping personal data safe

eeting can be dangerous

ccepting emails from unturstworthy sources can lead to problems

eliable – people and information may not be reliable

ell and adult if someone or something makes you uncomfortable

From our Online Safety assemblies, we know that almost all children have a home computer/device with internet access and children enjoy using computers and the internet at home regularly, so we see online safety as a shared responsibility between home and school.

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