Year 3

It is an important transition year between Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and we are part of Phase group 2 at Wimbledon Park Primary School. Year 3 hopes to provide an interesting curriculum which develops the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding in Maths, English and Reading and encourages their enthusiasm and independence as learners.


The year 3 team are:

               Mrs Catherine Carter   

               Miss Kelly Peters         

               Miss Kristy Parslow      


The year 3 team are supported in the classrooms by Rita, Isabela and Marta and our Learning Support Assistants, Tracy and Sandra.


You can contact your child’s class teacher on the above email address or we can arrange a telephone call.


Our day

The children’s day begins at 8:45 with 15 minutes of early work to establish a productive learning environment.


The children have a Learning Partner with whom they will collaborate during lessons. This will enable them to share ideas and consolidate what they have learnt.



Please encourage your child to read every day and ask them questions to explore their understanding of the text. These can include ‘on the line’ questions, where the answer can be found in the text, ‘outside the lines’, where you check their understanding of certain words and ‘between the lines’, which look at inference and what is going on in the underlying story of a text.


Wider Curriculum Topics

Year 3 have varied and enriching topics as part of their learning such as The Stone/Bronze/Iron Age and Ancient Egypt in History, Light, Plants and Forces in Science, Illustrators in Art and Rivers in Geography plus many more.


We look forward to the year ahead and hope you child will have a happy and successful time in Year 3.



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