31st January 2020


Dear parents and carers


We are into FEBRUARY next week; January has flown by… wasn’t that fast!!! Nursery have been very busy this week learning more about transport and different ways to travel.  They have LOVED our airplane role play area which will transform into a space shuttle next week as we think about Space transport.

Just a reminder that school is closed Friday 31st January for staff training so you have a long weekend- if you’re looking for ideas, why not take a trip to the Science Museum as they have a fantastic ‘SPACE’ area- there is also Brooklands museum, which has an amazing collection of cars and planes.


Maths Workshop

Thank you if you were able to come to the Maths workshop on Thursday 29th- we have had some very positive feedback about how useful it was; maths has changed a great deal since our school days!  We distributed a handout- there are some copies in the Nursery so please ask one of the staff for a pack, if you would like one.

I recommended Numberblocks as a TV show- obviously there is no substitute for spending time working with your child on maths practically but if you are looking for ideas for downtime, this is one show I would recommend.  It is written by teachers and recommended by The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics- it’s also won a BAFTA. 

There are also some apps you can use to develop Maths which have been recommended by Maths Specialist teachers at The Maths Hub, they are:



As the weather is particularly cold at the moment and gloves and mittens are needed, can we suggest sewing them onto some string which can be threaded through their coat.  This will reduce the number of lost gloves and mittens as well as making your child more independent when getting ready for outdoor play as they will need very little support.


Can you help?

Does your work involve some method of transport?  If so, we would love you to come and talk to the children about your job.  Please email me if that is something you could help with.




  1. There are some induction sessions for volunteers coming up with Mrs Morgan on Friday 7th February, she will be running two 30 minute volunteer training sessions for parents at 9.00am and 2.45pm. You are welcome to attend either if you would like to volunteer in the school in any way. 


Next week

In maths sessions we are continuing to learn about Conservation: knowing that the number does not change if things are rearranged.

In phonics we are learning about ‘Rhythm and Rhyme’ (words which sound the same: mat, bat, cat, rat) and Environmental sounds where children have to listen to different sounds and guess what they are.


Enrichment Week 10/02/2020

This letter was sent via ParentMail too- but just to reiterate:

In the week beginning 10th February, we are holding our next enrichment week with a focus on the environment and reducing the use of plastic across the school.

Throughout the week, we will be working towards a Plastic Free Schools Award through Surfers Against Sewage. In order to do this, we will be completing five key objectives throughout the course of the week.

To achieve this award, the children will be writing an action plan to reduce plastic use, writing to the local MP to address the issue of plastic pollution in the local area, challenging local industries through a persuasive poster and finally contributing towards a whole school eco policy.

Reception and Nursery will also be participating in Eco week. They will be learning about plastic in the ocean through wonderful books, videos and images. They are going to reuse yogurt pots to make an octopus model and create a newspaper collage of underwater animals. The children in Reception are also going to use a variety of single use plastic to make part of a rainbow. The individual parts from all three classes will be joined and shown as a display outside to highlight their learning from the week.

Additionally, all the children will hear from specialist speakers and will be given the opportunity to create a model of a sea creatures from recycled plastic. The aim of this is to highlight the problematic nature of plastic pollution. KS1 and Reception will be participating in a litter pick to emphasise the issue of plastic pollution and make it relevant to them.


In order to construct our sea creature models, we need your help! We request any milk jugs, plastic bottles, containers, yoghurt pots, cutlery, lids, etc!

Please wash these and send them in with the children over the forthcoming weeks.


Have a lovely long weekend


Caroline MacKenzie

On behalf of the whole Nursery team

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